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Tokomaru Lifestyle is a labour of love, borne out of owner operator Aaron Craig's drive to channel his energy into something special and lasting.

Having travelled extensively, notably throughout Africa and Canada, Aaron and Jenny realised the rich potential that lay in combining their passion for majestic Red Deer with their knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a truly deluxe family holiday retreat.

Having experienced much of what the rest of the world has to offer, the Craigs were struck by how comparatively basic much of the supposedly high-end accommodation can be, particularly at lifestyle retreats and hunt safari attractions.

Aaron began the search for that perfect, idyllic location where he could realise his dream of creating a genuinely luxurious rural paradise, complete with purpose built premium accommodation and free roaming livestock.

Despite their globetrotting exploits, New Zealand is very much where the heart is for the Craig family, and so it was with huge excitement that Aaron finally secured what is now known as the Tokomaru Lifestyle Estate. Aaron began the task of building a high-quality destination with something for everyone in rural Wanganui.

Perfect for romantic getaways, family breaks, activity filled adventures, animal petting and for getting back in touch with nature, the sizeable 3,000 acre land is also large enough to accommodate game hunting of our Red Deer, Wapiti Elk, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar & Billy Goats, well away from the serene farm paddock and animal petting retreat.

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