Animal Petting & Feeding

Visiting families (both the young and young at heart) love spending time in and amongst our extensive livestock.

Get Up Close and Personal With Majestic Deer

Outside of mating season (when the testosterone fuelled Stags lose their otherwise docile demeanour), all our breeds of Deer are extremely approachable and friendly.

Having nurtured a mutual trust and respect, the Deer will often approach our staff and nuzzle for affection, and even eat directly from our hands! Our Wapiti in particular are incredibly tender beasts who like nothing more than being fed by our guests.

For safety's sake, our staff will accompany guests and advise accordingly around these gentle giants.

Highland Cows

Highland Cows are a firm favourite with the kids.

Our hardy but beautiful cows are sweet tempered and placid animals.

These gentle girls are quite happy to patiently let the kids brush their long hair, and there is even the opportunity to milk the cows should you wish.

In addition to our Deer, we breed our own Highland Cattle here at Tokomaru, purely for companionship and because we love having them around the place.

We're absolutely staunch in our policy that none of our herd be sent to the meat works. In fact, we're delighted to be able to regularly gift baby Highland Cows in pairs (for companionship) to good and loving homes, as well as occasionally re-homing the odd older girl too.

These animals make such good companions, we think every home should have a pair (in an ideal world).

Native Kiwis

We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have Kiwi living in our untamed forest land. With some patience and a good deal of stealth, it's possible to locate wild Kiwi by lying low in their natural habitat and listening out for their scampering footsteps. Our staff will be happy to help you with hint and tips for finding Kiwi on our grounds.

As per our conservation policy, Kiwi are not to be harassed or threatened by our presence in what we must respectfully accept as their home. We have a strict no tolerance policy to any behaviour that causes unnecessary distress to any of our wildlife, including our native birds.

New Zealand Bush Hawk

It's a real treat for bird lovers and conservationists to be able to catch a glimpse of New Zealand’s most spectacular endemic falcons, right here on our extensive private lands.

Also known as Kārearea, these incredible birds make 'scrapes' on forest floor rather than nest in trees, which means our guests can approach with a stealthy respect and capture incredible photographs of these stunning predators with their long tales and pointed wings.

The Bush Falcon issues a threatening caw during mating season and whilst protecting their eggs, so as with all our native animals, we ask our guests to respect the Kārearea in their natural habitat and keep a safe and respectful distance when taking photographs.

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