Fallow Deer Trophy Hunting in New Zealand's Stunningly Beautiful Manawatu Region

After Red Deer, Fallow Deer hunting is probably the most popular hunt undertaken in New Zealand.

As with Red Deer hinds, Fallow Doe come into season in Autumn, albeit slightly earlier than the Reds. It's as this time - known as 'The Rut', when Bucks become more aggressive and proprietary of their females - that many of our clients love to hunt these impressive specimens.

Outside of the rut, Bucks tend to congregate in male-only bachelor groups, which makes the herd easier to spot and track to the huntsman. Fallow Deer also spend large periods of time grazing in open planes, making them an easier animal to successfully hunt than Red Deer, particularly later in the season.

These impressive Deer, with their palmated antlers, can be hunted either by rifle or bow, and produce the most succulent venison you'll ever taste.

Our Fallow Bucks are black (melanistic), common brown (typical fallow deer, with white mottles on their coats), menil or white in colour.

Unlike our Red Deer and Wapiti Elk, Fallow are hunted the whole year around in New Zealand, with both Stags (and Does too) hunted for their tender, mouth-watering meat even when their antlers have shed. See our hunting calendar for specific hunt dates for all our game animals.

Other Tailored Hunting Options

Looking for something else besides Fallow Deer? At Tokomaru Lifestyle we offer a range of different species for hunting and are more than happy to arrange custom packages to adhere to your specific requirements.

We are able to put together hunting packages for Red Stag, Wapiti Elk, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar and Billy Goats.

Contact us now to make an enquiry and we'll be happy to work collaboratively with you to put together your perfect hunting package.

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