Frequently Asked Questions

What airport should I fly in to? Do you provide helicopter transfers?

The nearest major airports to Tokomaru Lifestyle are at Palmerston North and Wellington.

We are able to source exclusive helicopter transit packages from Palmerston North, Kapiti and Wellington Airports, as well as other satellite airports by arrangement. We have 2 helipads on site for facilitating your arrival. Contact us if you have a specific requirement or would like us to prepare a bespoke package for your trip.

How do I bring firearms into New Zealand?

To bring your own firearms into New Zealand, you will require a visitor's firearm permit.

This is a fairly simple process with a small cost of $25 (NZD), although you must already hold a firearm license in your country of residence. Visit the NZ Police website to find out more and complete the online application, at least a month prior to arriving in New Zealand. You can also download and complete the appropriate form to apply via fax if preferred.

We will provide guns and ammunition for those who do not wish to bring their own firearms.

When is hunting season at Tokomaru Lifestyle?

Please refer to our definitive seasonal hunting guide.

What equipment should I bring?

Guests participating in hunts will be required to bring a rifle, ammunition, hunting knives and bows (or we can provide on-site if preferred), as well as wet weather clothes, backpack, binoculars, a flashlight and tramping boots.

Tramping boots should be waterproof, rubber soled and have plenty of grip for wet terrain.

What outfitting will I require?

As your hunt will take place on exclusive private property, and you will be the sole hunter on manoeuvres, high visibility clothing is not required to hunt at Tokomaru Lifestyle. Waterproof clothing and tramping boots are a must.

What type of hunting rifle is best?

When it comes to the best rifle for hunting game, it really does boil down to personal preference and comfort with your firearm.

.308s or .300 Win Mags with their small diameters and high velocity bullets are favoured amongst many seasoned Deer hunters, whereas smaller bullet calibres such as .222s or .223s are often favoured for Goats and Boar. Blaser R8s are also a staple amongst avid hunters.

Check out this page for a more detailed overview of suitable rifles and hunting cartridges.

If you are unsure, consult your firearm and ammunition specialist for advice, or contact us for a friendly chat with our on-site staff.

From what distance away will I be taking shots?

Shots can be taken anywhere from 100 to 600 metres on average, and sometimes from even further afield where desired. Again, this boils down to preference and the specifics of the hunt (eg, what animal you are hunting).

Can I hunt with a bow rather than with a rifle?

Absolutely. Many of our hard-core hunters prefer to hunt by bow instead of rifle. Bows are available on-site if required, although many hunters bring their own.

How long will it take to get my trophy home?

Immediately following a successful hunt, we will have your trophy head taken to our taxidermist half an hour away from Tokomaru. The taxidermy process then takes between 4 and 6 months, after which your trophy will be sent on to you (within New Zealand or overseas). The taxidermy costs range between $1,200 and $1,650 for larger deer (trophy fees are extra). Get in touch with us for a bespoke, tailored package for a full cost breakdown of your planned hunt.


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