Free Range & Fair Chase Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand

Hunting Red Stag in New Zealand is a magical, unforgettable experience.

Whether you come specifically for the hunt, or choose to combine your hunting experience with a relaxing vacation in the tranquil environs of our sprawling 3,000 acre estate, Tokomaru Lifestyle is the discerning hunter's choice for hunting the most eye-catching, magnificent herd of Red Deer New Zealand has to offer.

Why Hunt at Tokomaru Lifestyle?

At Tokomaru Lifestyle, we leverage 40 years of breeder's experience to cultivate the perfect, classic head for trophies. We have a range of Red Deer available with SCI Scores from 320 to 480+

Whilst there are many locations to hunt Red Stags throughout New Zealand, there has been an unfortunate and increasing modern trend to breed Red Deer with a focus solely on 'high scoring' heads with lots of points.

This approach can often result in a Stag head that just isn't particularly pretty, with many high-scoring heads from other breeders presenting malformed tynes, or antlers protruding at odd angles rather than the "classic head".

At Tokomaru, we work in an exclusive partnership with Love Red Deer, one of the longest established Red Deer stud farms in New Zealand, to source the best trophy Stags on the market.

Like their competitors, Love Red Deer also produce good sized heads: certainly amongst the largest available in New Zealand.  But of far more significance to Don Love, owner and proprietor of Love Red Deer, is that his Red's have lengthy, supremely well-defined tynes; the key ingredients for a truly majestic Red Stag trophy head.

Thanks to his longevity in the business, as well as a passionate commitment to improving the genetic strength of his herd year upon year, Don is proud to report that a record 90% of his 2 year old Stags displayed classically perfect heads in 2017.  From the brow tynes, through the bez and trez tynes, right up to the royal tynes, Love Deer Stag heads deliver the classic style of Red Stag head that discerning professional hunters adore: neat, even, tidy and symmetrical - all the ingredients for beautiful, lasting trophies.

When to hunt Red Deer

The Red Stag hunting season runs from February until August when the stags shed their antlers.

The period between March and May, during the Red Hinds ovulation cycle, is known colloquially by hunters worldwide as 'the roar' or 'the rut'.

When the Hinds begin to produce the scent that indicates to the stags that they are ready to mate, the Stags will issue ear-splitting roars as a way of challenging each other for dominance.  As hunters, we have the option to reproduce the roar to both entice and track red stags during this season.

Learn more about 'The Roar' by clicking through to our hunting calendar.

Hunting from late May until August is still very much an enjoyable endeavour, and often the choice of the less adrenaline-fuelled hunter, as the Stags are less aggressive during this period and more focussed on feeding and grazing.

Our Hunting Environment

We can accommodate both free-range hunting or fair-chase hunting in a smaller (but still sizeable) 80-acre paddock of hills, valleys and trees.

Check out the video of our magnificent Wanganui landscape to see for yourself the unspoiled beauty and splendour that constitutes the arena for your perfect hunting expedition.


Other Tailored Hunting Options

Red Stags seem a little ambitious?  At Tokomaru Lifestyle we offer a range of different species for hunting and are more than happy to arrange custom packages to adhere to your specific requirements.

We are able to put together hunting packages for Red Stag, Wapiti Elk, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar and Billy Goats.

Contact us now to make an enquiry and we'll be happy to work collaboratively with you to put together your perfect hunting package.

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